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All DAS policyholders have unlimited access to legal advice. The DAS Canada legal advice helpline is available from:

  • 8 a.m. to midnight (local time), seven days per week.
  • In emergency situations, your call will always be answered-- 24/7.

The DAS advice line is here to serve you. If you have a legal question or believe you may become involved in a legal dispute, call the legal advice line right away.  You can call for information about any legal issue, whether or not it is covered by your policy – such as questions regarding family, wills or real-estate law.

Access to unlimited legal advice is easy!

Step 1: Have your DAS Policy Number ready
The DAS legal advice helpline phone number can be found on your DAS Policy Certificate or within your Policy Wording booklet. Please have your DAS Policy Number ready when you call, which you can also find on your Policy Certificate.

If you are unable to find your policy number, please call the DAS Canada Head Office at:
Step 2: Set-up your general legal advice callback time
You will first speak to a DAS Customer Service Agent, who will ask a couple policy verification questions and what area of law you require advice for. At this point you will schedule the most convenient time for a callback from an advice lawyer.
Step 3: Talk to the advice lawyer
Our advice lawyers are knowledgeable and courteous, and will provide you with information and clearly defined next steps, even if your issue is not covered by your DAS policy.
Example Telephone Legal Advice Calls: DASgroup- Personal
The Slip and Fall
A woman slips and falls on black ice, which led to an injury that required time off of work. Can she take legal action against the store?

The Severance Package
An employee was let go without notice after 12 years of service as a hotel manager. What steps can the employee take to legally resolve this matter?

Family Advice
A father has separated from his wife and needs legal advice about travelling with his children. What legal steps should he take?

Example Telephone Legal Advice Calls: DASgroup- Commercial
The Unfinished Contract Job
A food bank hired a contractor who has not completed the job and demands more money. Do they send a written demand letter? What can the food bank legally do?

The Unreliable Employee
An employee is consistently late for work and has been performing poorly. What steps should the employer take to legally terminate the employee?

The Property Dispute
A café owner loses business due to scaffolding that blocks their customers from entering. Can the café owner take legal action against the landlord? 


There is no limit to the duration or number of calls you can make to the legal advice helpline. We encourage you to call us whenever you have a legal concern so that we can help minimize the risk of a more complicated legal problem in the future.   
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