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Legal protection going global…in Montréal!

RIAD is the International Association of Legal Protection Insurers and service providers. It unites more than 50 insurance companies from all over the world, and is committed to promoting easy, affordable and high quality access to justice and the law.

This year, the 26th RIAD Congress will take place on October 6th and 7th in Montréal. It will showcase innovative projects driven by digitalization and globalization, with a focus on the global movement towards a sharing economy in today’s legal service field.

The Legal Expense Insurance industry is in the unique position to provide quality legal services and propose real solutions designed to help improve access to justice for all. At DAS Canada, we are especially proud that our founding President and CEO, Barbara Haynes, has recently been elected to the RIAD Board.  “DAS Canada is proud to contribute to the organization of RIAD in Montréal and to promote access to justice”, says Barbara. “At DAS, we strive to help increase the recognition of Legal Expense Insurance and its value, and the whole team is very excited to see RIAD come to North America for the first time.”

Among its participants, the 26th RIAD Congress will welcome the Honourable Mr. Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Chief Justice of the Court of Quebec and representatives from the European and Asian legal expense markets.

Exploring which trends in legal protection are emerging worldwide, RIAD will introduce entrepreneurs and innovative projects such as Cyberjustice Laboratory of the Université de Montréal. Their purpose is to ensure that the provisioning and administration of judicial services optimally utilizes technology and networks to facilitate access to justice.

At DAS, our mission is to facilitate access to justice in Canada, and everywhere in the world. We also focus on the future of law, anticipating judicial evolutions in a fast changing world.

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