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A Message from the Corporate Partnerships Team

By Alex Manning
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

As a new insurer, DAS Canada had a great year in 2016, and we are on track for further substantial progress in 2017. Although we should continue to celebrate growth, it is equally as important to highlight our service capability. 

In our Corporate Partnerships team, our route to market means that the service we provide is usually threefold: we provide service to insurers, brokers, and policyholders. This multi-layered model requires us to listen, swiftly adapt to our partners and their brokers, and react accordingly. To continue to meet the increasing demand of Legal Expense Insurance in the growing Canadian marketplace, we have expanded the Corporate Partnerships team to include ‎Andy Capener. Andy's background in property and casualty insurance is a significant asset, along with his specialty experience with the Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (BI&I) here in Canada.
As the awareness of DAS Canada's unique coverage proposition and our business continues to grow, we also see other areas expanding. Recently, our very own Shannon Nicholson has taken the opportunity to offer her strengths to the DAS Underwriting team. With her extensive underwriting background, wealth of experience, and CIP qualification, Shannon is perfectly positioned to be an excellent asset to our underwriting department. We wish her well in her new role. 

For the Corporate Partnerships team, the last six months have been a reflection of the broader business development of DAS Canada – and with change comes opportunity. These last two quarters have also emphasized our commitment to remain flexible, to continue to invest in our people, and to retain our customer focus.

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