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What do Quebecers think of legal disputes?

By Grégory Hélias
Corporate Partnerships - Québec

Last year, DAS Canada partnered with Clinique Juridique Juripop, a non-profit organization with the goal of improving access to the justice system for everybody. In a survey conducted between DAS and Juripop,­ it was concluded that an overwhelming majority of Quebecers are worried about the financial consequences of a legal dispute.
The main objective of the survey was to gauge Quebecers’ perceptions of common legal problems that could occur in everyday life. We also wanted to get a sense of their concerns when it comes to accessing the justice system and their awareness of the solutions available to resolve legal issues.
The survey provided some insightful results into the minds of Quebecers. One of the most significant findings was that 90% of Quebecers worry about their finances taking a hit if they were ever involved in a legal problem. Almost an equal number of Quebecers feel a legal problem would have a serious negative impact on their physical and emotional health.
Other important survey findings:
  • In social values, justice ranks fourth after family, health, and education
  • 61% of Quebecers don’t know what Legal Expense Insurance is
  • 73% believe that Legal Expense Insurance and legal clinics are a good way to promote access to justice
  • 38% have already faced a legal problem in their lives, and 33% of this group have tried to resolve the problem independently, without the help of a legal professional
This survey is only a small part of our efforts at DAS to educate and inform Canadians of their legal rights. Not only do the survey results indicate the need for more access to the Canadian legal system, but they also highlight the need for an understanding and awareness of the various steps that individuals can take when faced with a legal issue.
We believe that Legal Expense Insurance will play an increasingly important role in addressing legal issues that individuals and families face in everyday life. At DAS, our goal is to help all Canadians secure access to justice, through our wide range of customizable solutions and ongoing research of the Canadian market.

A whitepaper with the full survey results will be available soon.

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