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Four Years of Growth

By Alex Manning
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

In August 2016, the Corporate Partnerships team at DAS Canada celebrated its fourth birthday. What a journey it has been! The third quarter of 2016 has been the busiest in our short, but productive, history. We formed three new partnerships, bringing us to a grand total of 16 corporate partners.

In September, we were delighted to welcome Dan Brown to our Corporate Partnerships team, who has joined us from Kanetix SaaS. Dan brings a fresh perspective to our team, with over six years of experience in sales and account management in technology firms exclusively within the insurance industry.

When we first envisioned our route to market, our aim was to interact and support other insurers with innovative insurance products, while at the same time, bringing access to justice for their policyholders. With the overall awareness of Legal Expense Insurance growing after four years of corporate development, it's time to reflect and remember the foundation of our vision:

Our coverage has substantial value for both the policyholders and our insurer partners. With clients discovering more utility from the addition of Legal Expense insurance to their Property and Casualty policies and our partners enjoying increased brand awareness, our product has become a vital cornerstone in the Canadian market.

Three years ago, we conducted a survey in partnership with the Canadian Bar Association (CBA). From this research, we discovered that almost 55% of Canadians go to court without representation. Today, we are proud that over 400,000 Canadians now have greater access to justice and general legal advice through our Legal Advice Helpline, which offers significant support during challenging situations.

Legal Expense Insurance provides coast-to-coast coverage and customer service across Canada. During one of my first sales calls in my career, I almost booked a meeting with a potential partner before realizing that she was based across the country, in British Columbia. Now I fully appreciate the geography of our national coverage.

In recent years, the market in Canada has grown, with other companies arriving in Canada and expanding their appetite to include legal expense insurance.

Nonetheless, one thing has remained constant throughout the journey: we are committed to providing access to justice for Canadians. Our Corporate Partnerships Team and DAS Canada will continue to grow and lead the Legal Expense Insurance market. It is a challenge that ‎inspires us on a daily basis.

We are honoured to have the support of our partners and to be able to assist their policyholders in accessing justice. 

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