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Under Review: The Legal Needs of Quebecers

By Grégory Hélias
Corporate Partnerships - Québec

For all of us here at DAS Canada, understanding our clients’ needs and their expectations is essential. Since we are an insurance company specialized exclusively in Legal Expense Insurance, we constantly strive to strengthen our expertise by studying and analysing the impact that day-to-day legal issues can have on families and businesses.  

To learn more about Canadians and their access to justice, we conducted a survey in May 2014. We wanted to know more and conducted a second survey in May 2015 that focused on the legal needs of Canadian small businesses. Visit our Access to justice page for the results.

However, legal issues and legal needs vary according to where people live. Economic and demographic differences, different judicial systems, laws and regulations result in significant distinctions between each province in Canada.

In order to understand these differences better, we conducted a survey in partnership with Assistenza International. Our goal was to study the legal issues faced by small business owners in Québec and the impact they have on businesses. Check out our whitepaper and infographic for the results.

So what about individuals and families in Québec? How important is justice on a social value scale? What kind of legal issues do individuals face on a day-to-day basis? What are their expectations in terms of legal support and, more importantly, what are their expectations regarding access to law and justice?

To answer these questions, we’ve partnered with Juripop and mandated SOM to conduct a comprehensive study on the legal problems that individuals and families are faced with in Québec.

Keep your eyes peeled, as the results of this study will be available soon!


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