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As a DAS policyholder, you have access to a network of professional and experienced lawyers from across the country. If you encounter a legal issue, your claim will be handled by a lawyer from a DAS panel law firm. We work with some of Canada’s top law firms, and perform frequent checks to ensure that each of these firms adheres to our strict service standards. It is important to us that the lawyers you work with are experienced, professional, and courteous.
How are our lawyers selected?

When we decide to add a practice to our list of panel law firms, we perform an in-depth audit to review:

  • The quality, experience, and expertise of the lawyers at the firm
  • The reputation of the firm
  • The management systems in place to effectively handle a client’s case
  • Other criteria to ensure that the legal interests of our clients will be effectively represented to ensure the pursuit or defense of their legal rights
What are our service standards for panel law firms?

All DAS panel law firms must adhere to a list of over 20 service standard clauses that have been developed to protect the interests and rights of our clients. In general, DAS panel law firms must:

  • Have an adequate number of qualified and experienced staff and lawyers available to handle claims
  • Provide regular updates to the client and to DAS about the progression of a claim
  • Respond to any complaints about panel firm service within two business days
  • Handle client claims promptly, fairly, and in the client’s best interest
  • Safeguard client information and confidentiality
  • Comply to Law Society code of conduct regulations and requirements
We work with lawyers with a variety of expertise, to ensure that your case is handled by somebody specialized in the area of law relevant to your claim. For example, if you encounter a tax issue, your claim will be handled by a tax lawyer. Our network of lawyers stretches from coast to coast, allowing us to offer you legal representation in your region.

At DAS, we pride ourselves on the quality of legal representation we offer our policyholders; you can rest assured that your claim will be placed in good hands!
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