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Newsletter - Nov 7, 2017

Meet your clients, Penny and David. Two small business owners navigating the legal hurdles that any Canadian business could face. See how having Legal Expense Insurance in your portfolio makes your clients very happy.

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Contract Dispute
This is how a Contract Dispute generated new clients for a Broker.

Her client, John, who runs a car rental company, had a stressful experience with a customer. The customer returned a rental in poor condition. It was almost a wreck. When opening the rental contract, the customer had declined the extra collision insurance.  He insisted he'd be covered by his credit card company. He wasn't. As a result, John was faced with a $7,000 bill from the body shop which the customer refused to pay.

So, John called the DAS Legal Advice Helpline to see how this could be resolved legally. He didn't have to take the time to Google lawyers, schedule appointments and pay for opinions. Help was only a phone call away, saving him a ton of time in his busy day.

His Legal Expense Insurance policy was activated, and the assigned lawyer took action. It took a few weeks to resolve the issue. This would normally have cost $16,000. But since John was covered by his Legal Expense Insurance policy, it cost nothing. In the end the customer paid the $7,000 and everything was solved.

John was relieved he had Legal Expense Insurance. It protected his business from this unexpected expense. He told his friends, who also owned businesses, and referred them to his broker. 

Employment Dispute
This is how an Employment Dispute generated automatic policy renewals year after year for this Broker.

Rather than searching for a lawyer, making appointments, and initiating a bunch of conversations, Tim simply picked up the phone and called the DAS Legal Advice Helpline. 

Tim was covered for Employment Disputes. His DAS assigned lawyer provided a few options and took action. After reviewing his payroll, Tim found a small amount owing to the employee and paid it. The lawyer discovered that the employee had bragged on social media about his imminent departure, and how his quitting would really hurt Tim's business. The lawyer presented this to the ex-employee's lawyer and as a result the remaining allegations we're dropped. Tim was happy. He did not have to waste hours defending himself. He even met his deadline. Best of all, he was not out of pocket the $2,500 it would have cost without a DAS Legal Expense Insurance policy. Needless to say, his broker heard about Tim's experience, and the policy has been renewed automatically every year since.

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Posted: 11/3/2017 12:00:00 PM by May Chow

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