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DAS Transport is designed to respond to common legal issues faced by business owners who rely on one or more company owned vehicles and drivers to carry out business. 

With over 40 billion kilometers of distance travelled by all Canadian commercial drivers, and $1.8 billion spent on commercial vehicle repairs during the year, the potential risk of facing a legal dispute cannot be ignored.DAS Transport covers your legal fees and empowers you to access your rights in the following situations:
Legal defence
If you or one of your drivers is prosecuted for an offence while on the road, such as Highway Traffic Act offences, criminal code violations, tickets and Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) demerit points received during an inspection or weight check.
Vehicle contract disputes
If you face a dispute relating to an agreement for the purchase, sale, rental, repairs or testing of an insured vehicle.
Driver’s licence protection
If you or one of your employees faces a suspension or revocation of a driver’s licence or Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration certificate.
Statutory licence protection
If your business faces a suspension, alteration, or cancellation of its business licence.2

DAS Transport has policy limits of $100,000 per claim and $500,000 in total per policy year. It provides you the financial security to undertake legal action to mitigate the potential impact license or CVOR demerit points may have on your commercial insurance premiums. 

Every DAS policy also includes unlimited access to telephone legal advice for any legal question, regardless if the issue is covered by your policy or not. It’s like having a law firm on retainer and we encourage you to call as often as needed to gain confidence and peace of mind as you focus on your business.

To get a quote or find out more about DAS Transport, contact your insurance broker today or use our Find a Broker tool. 

1  2012 StatsCan Trucking Commodity Origin & Destination Survey (CANSIM Table 403-0004 and CANSIM Table 029-0012 Truck Transportation Repair Expenditures)

2  For full details of coverage, including any conditions and limitations, please read the DAS Transport policy wording.

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