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Coverage for my Personal Injury Case

Plaintiff Cost Insurance FAQs

Learn more about DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance and read about the answers to frequently asked questions and concerns. 
What is Plaintiff Cost Insurance?
DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance (PCI) is a Canadian made legal expense insurance policy designed to protect individuals (plaintiffs) involved in personal injury compensation lawsuits. PCI provides you with the confidence to pursue meritorious civil actions all the way through trial, knowing that your disbursements and potential adverse costs will be covered up to the limit of indemnity.
How much will Plaintiff Cost Insurance cover?
Your lawyer can arrange, on your behalf, coverage to protect you against needing to pay your own disbursements, and your opponent’s costs. Plus, your premium is deferred until the conclusion of your case, and you only pay if your case is successful.
What types of cases does Plaintiff Cost Insurance cover?
DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance is available for personal injury cases, resulting from:
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Assault and battery
  • Product liability
  • Occupiers’ liability
  • Collateral benefits disputes
  • Employers' liability
What happens if I lose my case?

If you lose your personal injury case, your DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance policy will pay up to your limit of indemnity for:

  • Your opponent’s legal costs
  • Your own disbursements incurred in pursuing the case
Note: Costs are subject to assessment by the court.
What happens if my case is successful?
If you win, your lawyer will deduct your premium from your damages award.
Who is DAS Legal Protection Inc.?
DAS Legal Protection Inc. (DAS) is a full-service specialist in legal expense insurance. We empower Canadians when they are faced with unexpected legal issues by offering financial protection against costly legal expenses. We are committed to building and leading the legal expense insurance market in Canada and creating access to justice for Canadians. DAS Legal Protection Inc. Plaintiff Cost Insurance policies are underwritten by Temple Insurance Company, the insurance carrier of Munich Re in Canada.
What does DAS stand for?
Deutscher Automobil Schutz (German Automobile Protection). This name reflects the German roots of Legal Expense Insurance and our parent company.

*Eligible insurable legal actions as outlined in our Terms of Business Agreement signed with your legal representative.
**Up to the limit of indemnity as chosen by your legal representative and identified in our Program Administration Agreement signed with your legal representative.