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Making a Claim

Making a claim with DAS is easy and convenient.  It involves five simple steps:
Step 1: Call the Legal Helpline
If you believe you have a legal issue, please call the Legal Helpline right away.  The number can be found on your:
- DAS Policy Certificate
- Within your DAS Policy Wording booklet, or;
- Call 1-888-582-5586 and Press 1 to automatically transfer to the Legal Helpline.
Step 2: Discuss your legal issue with the advice lawyer
The advice lawyer will listen and then offer general legal information and potential next steps for your situation. If your issue appears to be covered by your DAS policy, the advice lawyer will forward information to our Claims Department.
Step 3: Your issue is reviewed and a coverage decision is made
When our Claims Department receives your information from the advice lawyer, you will receive an email advising your file has been assigned to a Claims Analyst. Your Analyst will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your issue in greater detail and request supporting documents you may have. Once the Claims Analyst has the requested information, they will then determine if your legal issue is covered by your policy and then email and call you to let you know their decision.
If we are unfortunately unable to cover your claim, you may still utilize the services of the Legal Helpline.
If your legal issue is covered by your policy, then you may either experience Step 4 or immediately move to Step 5, depending on the nature and severity of the legal issue.
Step 4: We will first attempt to resolve your claim
Depending on your legal issue, our Claims Analyst will contact that other party involved to see if it can be resolved quickly, to avoid a lengthy litigation.  We find on many occasions when the other party realizes you have a DAS policy, they are a little more willing to find a solution.  Rest assured any proposed solution our Claims Analyst is able to achieve, will be approved by you. 
If you agree with the proposed solution for your legal issue, a final settlement will be documented and signed by all parties involved.   
If you disagree with the proposed solution, then your claim will move on to Step 5.
Step 5: Your assigned lawyer handles your case until it is resolved
From this point forward you will deal directly with your assigned lawyer.  Rest assured your Claims Analyst will remain involved to answer questions and to ensure your claim moves forward in an efficient and timely manner.   DAS will also pay the lawyer and all related legal expenses as necessary, up to the policy limits.
Please keep in mind the litigation process and legal system can at times be very slow, which means you may not hear from your assigned lawyer as often as you may expect.  However, if you are ever unsure about the status of your claim, please contact your Claims Analyst.

We are committed to providing you with excellent service. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your DAS experience, we encourage you to let us know. Please review our complaints process for more information about what to do if you are not satisfied.