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Our Claims Team

David Smagata

Vice President, Claims, Chief Legal Officer

David oversees the ATE & BTE Claims Department and is the Chief Legal Officer for DAS Legal Protection Inc. David brings a rare blend of legal, claims and operation experience, audit and risk management skills, and demonstrated management capabilities. He has substantial experience in senior management and executive roles in insurance companies.

Stacey Campbell

Team Lead, Claims

Stacey is a Claims Team Lead in the BTE Department. Stacey comes to DAS with a long history in insurance and litigation. Stacey cites that her daily motivation is to assist our customers in their time of need. She truly enjoys the opportunity to connect with our Insureds and assist them in solving their varied disputes.

Elena Liang

Team Lead, Claims

Elena is a Claims Team Lead in the ATE Department, and also adjusts on select BTE claims. Elena has worked in the legal sector for over 10 years as both a Legal Assistant and Law Clerk. Elena believes that the diverse culture of DAS makes it a great place to work. She enjoys coming to work and becoming acquainted with co-workers from diverse backgrounds and loves the opportunity it gives her to broaden her perspective on the world.

Shaleena Ramanah

Claims Analyst

Shaleena is a Bilingual Claims Analyst in the BTE Department. Shaleena’s insurance journey is a deeply personal one. Shaleena’s approach to adjusting is to approach claims and Insureds with empathy, promptness, fairness and integrity. In 2017, in her previous role, she scored the highest nationally within Chubb for meeting their Best Practices protocol.

Shantal Patel

Claims Analyst

Shantal is a Claims Analyst in the BTE Department. Shantal comes to DAS with a rich background in insurance and litigation. She has worked in civil litigation for the past 12 years with the last 8 years focused on insurance defence. Shantal credits her role at DAS with allowing her the opportunity to achieve her life-long dream of becoming a Claims Analyst. DAS, she notes, has provided her with the perfect transition from legal to claims.

Jackie Estrada

Bilingual Claims Analyst

Jackie is a Bilingual Claims Analyst in the BTE Department specializing in the Quebec Civil Code and municipal law. Jackie’s love of claims involving litigation against municipalities stems from her brief stint as a city counselor in Quebec. In 2013 she won her local election in the riding of Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu with 70% of the vote and oversaw the portfolios of Technology, Culture and Boys & Girls Clubs for 3 municipalities. Jackie notes that one of the joys of working at DAS is that each day provides a challenge and something new to learn.

Danielle Blachford

Claims Analyst

Danielle is a Claims Analyst in the BTE Department. Danielle loves being able to help our policyholders with their diverse needs. She leverages her active listening skills and tries to put herself in theirs shoes. Danielle believes that empathy is key to understanding and meeting clients’ needs and is the centre of not only showing, but also protecting our company’s values and assets.

Arnaud Lele

Bilingual Claims Analyst

Arnaud is a Bilingual Claims Analyst in the ATE department, as well as select BTE claims. He has worked in the legal sector in France for over 4 years as an Intellectual Property lawyer. Arnaud also has over 5 years of experience working as a bilingual claims analyst in both legal protection, and life and health insurance. Working as a legal expense insurance Claims Analyst for DAS allows him to leverage his blend of legal and claims experiences to assist insureds.

Dylan Turnbull

Claims Analyst

Dylan is a Claims Analyst in the ATE and BTE Claims Departments. He graduated from the Paralegal Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College and has five years of insurance and legal experience he obtained while working in the legal departments at two large Canadian insurance companies. Dylan brings his excellent customer service skills to the DAS Claims Team. He often finds himself reading through the different Legal Expense Insurance policies in his spare time.

Vickey Nobbie

Claims Analyst

Vickey is a Claims Analyst for the BTE Department. She graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and received a Law Clerk diploma from Seneca College. She has more than 9 years’ experience working in civil litigation for both defence and plaintiff side. While she enjoys her new role at DAS, Vickey applies her knowledge of legal background and skills to the various claims.