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Preparing for Tomorrow and Getting Ahead

October 16, 2015 access to justice, Corporate Partnerships Newsletter, justice, partnership, roundtable, strategy, team, white paper
By Simon Gibson We appear to have blinked and are already in October. The kids are back at school, we are getting our yards ready for another winter (hopefully not like the last two years) and upgrading our dental plans in preparation for Halloween. We are conditioned to prepare for events in our personal and professional lives. However, we are guilty of going through these motions with less... Read More

Access to justice or exposure to debt: a difficult choice for Canadians

June 17, 2014 access to justice, survey, white paper
DAS Canada has released a white paper about how Canadians perceive and use the justice system. The research, conducted in partnership with Ipsos Reid, revealed that 45% of Canadians know someone who has gone into debt trying to resolve a legal dispute, and that 55% of those who had accessed the legal system were not represented by a lawyer. Half of respondents said they believe that having... Read More