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Coverage for my Personal Injury Case

DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance (PCI) is a Canadian made legal expense insurance policy designed to protect individuals (plaintiffs) involved in personal injury compensation lawsuits.
PCI provides you with the confidence to pursue meritorious civil actions all the way through trial, knowing that your disbursements and potential adverse costs will be covered up to the limit of indemnity.


Litigation is risky. Protect your assets.

If you lose your case, you may be required to pay all of your opponent’s costs. You may also be required to pay your lawyer for out of pocket expenses incurred on your behalf. DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance protects you against this risk, and lets you access justice with confidence.

Negotiate the compensation you deserve.

Your opponent will try to intimidate you into accepting a low settlement. With DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance your money is protected, leaving you with the confidence to negotiate the settlement offer you deserve.

Take your case all the way to trial, and safeguard your future.

Your opponent will try to use the threat of severe financial consequences to discourage you from going to trial. A DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance policy covers you if you lose at trial. Protect your case and your family’s assets with DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance.


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With DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance, you have the confidence and financial security to pursue your legal rights. Want to learn more?

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DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance policyholders are able to protect their case and their family’s assets from the threat of severe financial burden. 

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Learn more about DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance - including how much coverage you receive and the types of cases that are covered.

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Our team works with law firms across the country to bring you support during your personal injury case and access to justice.
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Changed law firms?

If you are a PCI policyholder and you have changed law firms, you can either:

  • Call 1-888-582-5586 and press 6 to speak to a member of our team.
  • Email [email protected] with your questions and call-back times.
Have you changed law firms recently?  DAS works with lawyers who offer Plaintiff Cost Insurance to their clients.

Speak to your lawyer for more information about your coverage options and premiums.