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PCI Customer Stories

DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance protects your clients and their family’s assets from the threat of severe financial burden.

Read more about real life customer stories with real life impact, below:

Trial Loss - Lost on Liability

My 17-year-old son used to play hockey competitively. We were on our way home from practice one night, and I turned left onto our street – a turn I've made a thousand times. This time, a driver was speeding around the curve up ahead in the road, and because it was icy, the driver wasn't able to stop in time and T-boned our car. My son was in the front passenger seat and his body took the brunt of the collision. He was severely injured from the blunt force trauma, with multiple broken ribs and a concussion.
Since I was turning left, the jury found me to be at fault, even though the other driver was speeding around a corner in dangerous weather conditions. The other driver hired an accident reconstruction engineer, and the jury believed his evidence of the crash over ours. We were shocked – our lawyer was shocked too. The judge ordered us to pay the other driver's legal bill, their lawyer's fees, and the disbursements for a total of $170,000. 
Thankfully, our DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance policy covered the bill. Without the policy, we would have lost our house. We simply could not afford to pay the defendant $170,000, especially after all the rehab costs for our son. 
The jury let us down, but the DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance policy helped ease the financial toll on our family, and let us stay in our home.


Trial Loss - Lost on Damages
Last year, I was so badly injured that I received nearly half a million dollars at trial – even though I technically "lost" my case.
I suffered catastrophic injuries in a head-on collision where another driver fell asleep at the wheel and veered into my lane. The jury awarded me $475,000, but because the at-fault driver Defendant had made me an offer to settle for $650,000, I owed the Defendant all of his legal bills from the time of his offer to the end of the trial, which amounted to $75,000. 
Due to this accident, I would never be able to work again, so I needed the jury award to keep a roof over my head and sustain myself. I couldn’t afford to take $75,000 of my jury award and give it to the driver who caused this accident.

Luckily, my DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance policy covered the $75,000 bill for me, and I can now use that money for life’s necessities, rent, and medical bills for years to come.
Five years ago, I was rear-ended in rush hour traffic and suffered severe injuries to my lower back and neck. I work in a manual labour job, so I had to take some time off work to heal. But after a few weeks, I was forced to go back to work in order to make ends meet. 
I still have chronic lower back pain and muscle soreness every day, but the at-fault driver's insurance company told me that my return to work was a sign that I was fully recovered, and that my injuries were not permanent or serious. They claimed that a jury wouldn't award me any money, and my lawyer agreed that there was a real risk that my case would lose at trial. This was two years into my lawsuit, and my lawyer had already spent $12,000 on disbursements to build my case. 
Without a DAS Plaintiff Cost Insurance policy, I would have owed my lawyer the $12,000 that had already been spent on my case. The DAS policy covered it entirely, so I didn’t have to deal with the extreme pain and a hefty legal bill.