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DASCanada - Customer Testimonials
Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We work to execute with excellence every single day, and constantly ask brokers and customers for feedback.
DAS provides me with the ability to obtain legal advice not just for the big issues, but for the small ones as well. The professional and knowledgeable advice allows me to do my job with a higher level of confidence.
I would highly recommend DAS to everyone I know. I have used the service a few times already and they have helped me out a great deal - they were very quick in responding to my call and very knowledgeable. Thank you.
[The] professionalism of DAS and high value and need for legal insurance… helps average, ordinary people access much needed affordable help to deal with a complex, stressful part of life and society today- our justice system.
Accessibility and affordability were the best part of my experience.
[The legal advice line] provides a fast response time, knowledge of issues that were explained in layman’s terms, plus given in a friendly manner.
The lawyer answered my questions and gave advice. I was quite impressed that shortly after our conversation ended, the lawyer called me again because she had an additional thought to add. She could have just left it but the fact that she made the effort in a follow-up call was very good.
The quality of the lawyer assigned to our question was outstanding.
[The] service was easy to use. Response time was impressive as I received a call by the end of the same business day. [The] lawyer was very professional, knowledgeable and provided good advice. Also followed up with email correspondence to confirm what we had discussed over the phone. Excellent service! Thank you.
The lawyer addressed my inquiry and other aspects of my inquiry that I had never considered to ask about. The explanations were clear and plain to understand, no jargon or lawyer speak.
The lawyers know the issues and give good advice I can guide strata council to make a decision on. And they like to understand the issue. And it’s part of the insurance package!
First I did my homework before calling. I studied cases that were listed [online]. The lawyer called me that day. He was very quick and clear about addressing the points made. He was well educated about the Strata bylaw I was calling about. He gave me a much wider scope of possible results that might follow, than I was aware of. He took me through various scenarios quickly and clearly. He knew past legal cases and possible further action that may result in the future. I will definitely recommend DAS in the future.
My trial date to fight a ticket was last week- the same week I was dealing with a family emergency. Thanks to DAS, I didn't worry about rescheduling because I didn't have to attend. As an entrepreneur and a parent, life is already busy enough; it’s nice to have someone else taking care of this kind of stuff. The best part is the phone call I received this week that my ticket was thrown out... no points, no fine. Couldn't ask for a better result! Thanks as always for your awesome advice.
My son was ticketed for driving without his N decal (required by law for new drivers), which was stolen from his car while he was in a movie theatre at night. I called the legal advice line and the lawyer called back, did some research, called back again and gave us step by step instructions to follow. We did, and my son had his ticket thrown out (saving him a few hundred dollars and points on his licence). It was a great experience for our family!
In my last auto policy renewal, my broker recommended adding legal expense insurance to my policy. “They will fight your tickets,” he said. “It's peace of mind,” he said. Thankfully I listened. I'm even prepared to admit in writing that I got a speeding ticket, just so that I can say that he was right! So, I called DAS as soon as it happened. A lawyer called me within 24 hours to tell me what my options were and how the ticket might affect me. I simply had to fax in my ticket and a docket is now open. I got a call from a DAS lawyer to confirm that once I have the court date, they will represent me. Awesome.
Please pass on my professional "thank you" to everyone that was involved on the insurance and adjusting side of things. Our policy 
provided some reassurance and comfort during a chaotic time. Trust me,
 there was enough on my plate that having the response and assistance I
 received from your side of things made a huge difference, at the end of
 each day...
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