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DAS provides a wide range of legal protection for all your clients’ specific needs. Whether they wish to protect their family, business or both, Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) offers protection from the very first moment a legal issue arises until it is resolved.

DAS for Affinity groups & Associations is available in 2 packages:

DAS for group is a unique LEI product that can be customized to the needs of a specific group, association or organization. We are happy to incorporate various elements of coverage from our standard DAS products to create a policy, or to develop new elements of coverage that have the greatest benefits to your group members. For example, we created and implemented  policies for:

  • Doctors and paramedics
  • Veterinarians
  • School boards and municipalities
  • Small business associations
  • Volunteer associations
  • Sporting associations
  • Aboriginal associations
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Auto dealership associations
  • Restaurant and hospitality associations
  • Landscaping associations
  • Accountants, engineers, police and other professional associations
  • Unions and employee benefits programs
  • Manufacturers and exporters
  • Daycare and homecare associations
  • And more!

We are confident your group or association members would benefit from a policy that is uniquely designed to suit their needs. A proposal tailored to your needs demonstrates how DAS will support your organization’s goals of delivering added-value and innovative services to your membership.

Accessing the legal system is time consuming and expensive. Offer your members access to justice with a DAS policy.

For more information about how to offer legal expense insurance to your group or association, contact us today!

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