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55% of Canadians who accessed the legal system over the past five years did not have legal representation.

Whether related to employment, a tax audit or faulty repairs on a car, legal issues can have a significant impact on family life. A DAS Personal policy protects your clients in the following situations:
  • Employment disputes
  • Tax audits
  • Driver’s licence protection
  • Property protection
  • Contract disputes
  • Highway traffic offences
  • Bodily injury
  • Total loss valuation protection
  • Criminal prosecution at work
Financial protection. With DAS Personal, when your clients are facing an insured legal issue, lawyer’s fees and other legal costs are covered. DAS Personal empowers them to defend or pursue their rights in court. Give your clients the power to take back control of their life without endangering their finances.
Every step of the way. A DAS Personal policy protects your clients at every stage of their life. From buying their first car and getting their first job to renovating their home and dealing with a tax audit, our insurance solutions help your clients every step of the way.
For more information about how to offer legal expense insurance to your group or association, contact us today!

1 DAS Canada White paper,  Access to justice or exposure to debt, May 2014
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