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Are you protected against common legal disputes that may arise during a vacation?

Are you protected against common legal disputes that may arise during a vacation?

Many Canadian families look forward to a summer vacation. It’s a reward for making it through another winter! You hope that you’ll have a great trip, with wonderful experiences and fantastic memories. 

But what happens when your expensive trip doesn’t go as planned? Do you have a plan to protect yourself against the risks of vacation travel, risks that are sadly all too common?

Air travel headaches

You get to the airport, only to discover that your flight has been overbooked. With airlines facing higher costs and increased competition, the chances that you’ll be bumped from your flight are only going to go up. If this happens to you, do you know what your rights are? Can you trust that you’ll be fairly compensated? 

Even once you’re on the plane, you could still face a flight delay. Flight delays are annoying, and getting information from the airline can be a frustrating experience. In addition to stress, flight delays can also trigger unplanned expenses: you might face additional travel costs, unexpected hotel stays, or even lose time at work, if the delay happens on your flight home. If your flight is cancelled, you might miss days of your vacation, or be stranded in a foreign place, away from home.

Finally, what can you do if your bags get lost? Is the airline responsible? How much compensation, if any, can you expect to receive? 

Contract disputes should be the last thing on your mind when you’re on vacation – so keep reading to learn how coverage from DAS can help.

Vacation property nightmares

Even if you get to your destination without a problem, you might still face a vacation nightmare. Your resort might be unfinished, or under construction. The cottage you booked could look nothing like the pictures you saw online. 

Dealing directly with the property owner isn’t any guarantee that you’ll avoid these problems. Your Airbnb could be cancelled at the last minute. Some Airbnb users have even found that they’ve been charged with fake rentals, even though they haven’t taken a trip. What recourse do you have? Who do you contact to fix the problem? Will you get your money back?

Qualified legal assistance from DAS is at the heart of our coverage. Don’t let a contract dispute ruin your summer vacation – rely on DAS to get your trip back on track.

How DAS can help

With the Legal Helpline from DAS, you have easy access to information and legal resources. Our experienced professionals can let you know right away what your rights are in the event of a dispute with your airline or disputes related to your travel bookings. Legal Expense Insurance from DAS also means that you’re covered in the event of a contract dispute, such as when your vacation rental does not match what was advertised online. 

Dealing with legal issues can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why DAS has just 5 simple steps to understanding and protecting your legal rights:

  1. You call the Legal Helpline and speak to an experienced lawyer.
  2. DAS assigns your case to a Claims Analyst, who gathers more information.
  3. DAS notifies you if your claim is covered by the policy.
  4. If your claim is covered, the DAS Claims Analyst will try to resolve the issue.
  5. If DAS cannot resolve the issue, we’ll assign a legal representative to your case.

Enjoy your vacation without worrying about the risks of vacation travel.  DAS gives you confidence knowing those risks are covered and they will be well managed.

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Posted: 7/25/2019 1:49:32 PM by May Chow

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