May 2020

With DAS It’s Easy to Speak to a Lawyer - Assistance and Insights for Your COVID-19 Legal Questions

With DAS It’s Easy to Speak to a Lawyer - Assistance and Insights for Your COVID-19 Legal Questions

Getting answers to important questions provides a sense of direction and confidence to move forward; for ourselves, our family or our business.  This is especially true during these uncertain times, which is why we encourage all DAS policyholders to call the Legal Helpline whenever they have a legal question or issue arising from the pandemic. 

Our Legal Helpline is staffed by lawyers who are ready to listen and understand every DAS client’s unique situation and the questions arising from it.  They will provide general legal assistance, so clients can move forward with a better understanding of their rights or emergency legislation and court decisions.   Access is unlimited, and DAS clients can call the Helpline multiple times for more information as their individual situations evolve.

For DAS clients who are looking for online support to consider a COVID-19 question or situation, we have collected below publicly-available Topic Papers developed by law firms who are part of DAS’ panel.  These resources, sorted by province of residence for ease of reference, cover a wide range of pandemic-related legal matters.
British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan
Lesperance Mendes Lawyers
Miller Thomson
Whitelaw Twining

Brownlee LLP
Miller Thomson
Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP

McDougall Gauley LLP
Miller Thomson
Brauti Thorning LLP
Lash Condo Law
McCague Borlack LLP
Miller Thomson
Sherrard Kuzz LLP
Langlois Advocats
French | English
Miller Thomson
French | English
Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP 
French | English 
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island,
Newfoundland and Labrador

Cox & Palmer


These online resources helpfully reflect the public general views of DAS’ panel law firms on the kinds of legal issues that may impact many during the pandemic.   However, they are of course not tailored to specific or unique issues or events that a DAS client may be experiencing. This is why unlimited access to our Legal Helpline is included in every DAS policy.  We make it easy to speak to a lawyer, so policyholders can get answers to their legal questions faster, with greater understanding of the law and the potential legal risks relating to their unique situation.   This is a key benefit DAS Legal Expense Insurance has always offered, now offers and will continue to offer after today’s uncertainties fade away and we collectively return to moving forward again.
Posted: 5/5/2020 10:56:06 AM by Alexandrea Sharpe

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