October 2018

Celebrating Small Business Owners Who Show What Empowerment Means Every Day

Celebrating Small Business Owners Who Show What Empowerment Means Every Day

"My call was dealt with in a timely manner, I was not rushed, the lawyer working with me understood my concern and I felt more confident with how to deal with the issue I was facing."  -  Sandra, NB

Janine's Real Customer Story:

Janine was contacted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), advising that her business owed $560,000 in untaxed income after underpaying its taxes for three years. Janine was overwhelmed and believed her business had been overvalued but was unsure how to respond to the CRA or navigate the tax court system.
She contacted DAS, and a tax lawyer was assigned to respond. We also provided Janine with an accountant to assist with the audit.
The lawyer was able to negotiate the amount of undeclared income down to $280,000, cutting Janine’s tax bill in half. Thanks to her policy, Janine was able to feel empowered and also saved $15,000 in legal fees.

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Posted: 10/18/2018 10:16:25 AM by Alexandrea Sharpe

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