October 2018

Celebrating Small Business Owners Who May Need a Little Help From Time to Time

Celebrating Small Business Owners Who May Need a Little Help From Time to Time

"It would be a hassle and might overwhelm me. I would need to organize myself to address the issue, figure out how to navigate the system, and that creates more work on top of the regular work I do all day."  - Shawn, AB

Mark's Real Customer Story:

Mark owns a small but busy accounting firm. He hired a contractor to build and install cabinets and countertops for the firm’s kitchen area. When the contracting company arrived to install the cabinets, they damaged several walls in the office. They also damaged the counter top that was being installed and refused to repair or pay for the damages.  Mark was very frustrated, as he had paid nearly $6,500 for the faulty work, and the contractor refused to respond to his calls.
As a busy small business owner, Mark didn’t have time to be chasing the contractor around. He called DAS and was put in touch with a lawyer. After the contractor failed to respond to a demand letter, the lawyer issued court proceedings. The laywer did the work for Mark while he was able to focus more on his clients, and less on his legal issues. 
The case eventually settled out of court, with the contractor agreeing to cover the cost of the repairs and the missing cabinet. Mark paid nothing out of pocket, saving approximately $4,000 in legal fees. 

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How to Reduce Busy Work as a Small Business Owner

The content and views expressed in the article are not an endorsement of any particular publication, blog and/or associated products or services by DAS Legal Protection Inc.  Our goal is to provide some insights that may be helpful for our business partners and their small business clients.

Posted: 10/17/2018 10:16:25 AM by Alexandrea Sharpe

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