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The DAS Story in Canada

DAS Legal Protection Inc. (DAS) is the Canadian market leader and managing general agent specializing exclusively in legal expense insurance. 
Since opening its doors in Germany in 1928, DAS has expanded across Europe and North America, arriving in Canada in 2010.  Since then our Canadian operations have grown significantly, as we partner with insurance brokers, insurance carriers and law firms to develop solutions that help address many common legal risks.
With a DAS policy, families and small businesses have access to justice and can:

  • Exercise their legal rights
  • Protect their budget from costly legal fees
  • Be confident when facing an unforeseen legal issue

Every DAS policy also includes unlimited access to a Legal Helpline, whereby our helpline lawyers are ready to provide information and assistance on any legal matter, regardless if it is covered by the policy or not.  If the legal issue is covered by our policy, a lawyer in the area of expertise required will be assigned, and all related legal expenses will be covered up to the policy limits.
All DAS legal expense Insurance policies are underwritten by Temple Insurance Company, and both companies are members of the Munich Re (Group).

The need for Legal Expense Insurance in Canada

The need for Legal Expense Insurance is supported by the Canadian Bar Association, which stated that by 2030 - 75% of middle income Canadians should have Legal Expense Insurance 1 as a means to achieve improved access to justice. DAS Canada has conducted its own research that also demonstrates the significant financial and non-financial impact accessing the legal system has for Canadian individuals and business owners.

Media contact:
Please direct media inquiries to Jeff Kless, AVP, Marketing.

1 Source: CBA equaljustice – balancing the scales final report page 103

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