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Full Service

Your customer's claim will be managed from the outset by our experienced adjusters located in Toronto. They will determine which lawyer is best positioned to deal with the legal matter and it will be referred to them accordingly. During the course of the claim or upon conclusion the claims team is on hand to deal with any questions.

Our inclusive pricing model is created on the premise that the cost of Legal Expense Insurance is built into our partner’s core insurance offering, thereby simplifying administration and removing selection issues. Rather than underwrite each individual risk, we would in effect be underwriting the portfolio providing one flat rate for each and every customer whether good or bad.

We have aligned ourselves with prestigious legal firms across the country. To be selected as a panel law firm, DAS conducts a comprehensive practice audit whereby we review multiple criteria such a quality, tenure and expertise of practicing lawyers at the firm.  Our panel firm appointment agreement also includes over 20 service standard clauses. This ensures the legal interests of customers are effectively represented to defend or pursue their legal rights.

Legal Helpline
All DAS policies include unlimited access to a legal helpline with legal information from qualified lawyers who are held to strict service standards. We ensure the legal support provided is specific to the customer’s provincial laws and regulations, and is offered in French and English. Customers can call for any legal or tax inquiry they may have, regardless of whether it is covered by the policy or not.

Our marketing department works with partners to build effective launch and ongoing customer engagement marketing campaigns using our experience and marketing tools to maximize impact and increase awareness. We ensure that content is provided within the preferred partner style and are happy to work with our partners’ marketing teams to discuss the best approach.