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A Message from the Corporate Partnerships Team

By Dan Brown & Andy Capener
Consultant, Corporate Partnerships & Corporate Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships

The past year has been an extremely busy, but ultimately rewarding, time for the Corporate Partnerships team.  

To accommodate our rapid development, we have two new members in our small, but growing, team. Andy Capener is our new Corporate Account Manager, and the team is supported by Holly Fenton as our Corporate Partnerships Coordinator. Alex Manning, with over 27 years of experience at DAS, was newly appointed Director of the Corporate Partnerships team in August 2017.

In addition to rounding out the Corporate Partnerships team with members that have made substantial and immediate contributions, we’re excited to be working with new insurer partners whose expansion and development yield additional revenue and growth opportunities.

The Corporate Partnerships team is thrilled to welcome Peace Hills Insurance and Peninsula Canada companies to our roster of 18 partners. We are also delighted to extend our coverage with our existing partner, Northbridge Insurance, to their partnership with the CFIB. 

As announced last month, Peace Hills Insurance has partnered with DAS to offer Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) to their Alberta homeowner, condo, and tenant policyholders. The coverage has been added to Peace Hills’s personal lines property policies effective December 1, 2017. A special thanks to several key individuals at Peace Hills for the smooth implementation and delivery. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Peace Hills and potentially rolling out LEI coverage to all other Peace Hills insureds all over Canada.

In addition to Peace Hills, DAS is also excited to announce a new partner, Peninsula Canada. Peninsula Canada are a resource for human resources (HR) and employment law, offering guidance to small and medium-sized (SME) businesses with an affordable alternative of an in-house HR team. The consultative approach and HR support they provide is backed by legal protection insurance and awards coverage provided by DAS Canada. With this partnership, SME companies are now able to utilize Peninsula’s extensive experience to their benefit and obtain tailored legal advice and support on HR matters, allowing them to get back to running their business.

Further to these partnerships, The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) announced that it has chosen Northbridge Insurance as its exclusive commercial insurance partner. Through this partnership, CFIB members now have exclusive access to Legal Expense Insurance, which has been added on to an enhanced small business insurance solution that includes comprehensive property and liability coverage, as well as cyber risk protection. CFIB members will enjoy unlimited telephone access to legal assist services, providing general legal advice for business questions ranging from product ideas to contract legalese to employment issues. 

These partnerships have shown the importance of providing access to justice for Canadians all over the nation and highlights LEI as an evident enhancement to existing personal and commercial insurance offerings. We believe that our full turnkey insurance solution will help differentiate our partners from others in the market, and that LEI is essential for providing full protection to your policyholders.


Posted: 12/5/2017 10:00:00 AM by May Chow

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