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Why Choose a Specialist Insurer?

By Andy Capener
Corporate Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships

When it comes to choosing insurer partners, there is a significant competitive advantage offered by specialist insurers like DAS Canada. As Canada's only specialty legal expense insurer, we put our partners ahead of the competition by offering:
Technical Expertise
From underwriting to claims, and even in other departments, such as marketing, a specialist insurer demonstrates expertise in each area. This expertise consists of coverage knowledge, skillfully handling claims, and experience in maximizing marketing collateral and activity. The staff at a specialist insurer are more technically capable than anywhere else because we live and breathe our product coverage, dissimilar to employees who are cross-trained in larger insurance companies.
Similarly to our technical expertise, a specialist focuses entirely on one coverage. Focusing on a single product creates a kind of “tunnel vision,” allowing us to drive through progression, deal effectively with issues as they arise, and ensure delivery of objectives.
Specialist insurers tend to be nimbler in their approach and, as a result, speedier in their response. When it comes to adapting to situations, we are able to use our resources to be more proactive instead of reactive.
Product Innovation and Development
This is a key element of our capability. Due to our focus and expertise in one product, we have in-depth knowledge of the market and the claims trends. We are at the forefront of product innovation and development because we are in the best position to identify future trends and to create product solutions ahead of any other competitor.
DAS is synonymous with Legal Expense Insurance across the world, and, here in Canada, our reputation precedes us. With almost eight years under our belt, DAS Canada has been able to rapidly earn a positive and recognized reputation as a specialist insurer.

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