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The Legal Advice Helpline

By Andy Capener
Corporate Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships

When a policyholder thinks they may have a legal issue or has a legal question, calling the Legal Advice Helpline should be the first step. Every DAS Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) policy includes unlimited general legal advice from the Helpline, and advice will be given regardless of whether or not the policy will cover the legal matter. Policyholders also have unlimited access to the Legal Advice Helpline and no time limitation to their calls, as legal issues are complex in nature.

We believe in safeguarding personal information and providing maximum value to our policyholders. The Legal Advice Helpline dovetails with the DAS Claims Department to ensure a seamless transition from an issue that requires advice to a claim.

See below our simple, 5-step claims process:


Calling the Legal Advice Helpline:
  • Have your LEI policy number on hand
  • Calls can be made regarding any legal question
  • An intake agent will answer the call and validate the connection to a DAS Corporate Partner
  • The policyholder’s legal issue is noted and summarized by the agent
  • Policyholders are transferred to an appropriate advice lawyer for their legal questions, or they will provide their availability for a call back from the advice lawyer at a later time
Claim Coverage under the LEI Policy:
  • If the legal matter is not covered by the LEI policy, upon request, the lawyer provides the policyholder with a referral to a local lawyer and the file is closed
  • If the legal matter is covered by the LEI policy, the lawyer provides next steps to policyholder
Claim Determination + Handling a Claim:
  • The policyholder’s file is passed to DAS Claims Department
  • A DAS Claims Adjuster reviews the advice lawyer’s notes, communicates directly with the policyholder to understand the nature of the claim, and gathers the required documentation
  • If applicable, the Claims Adjuster determines if the claim has prospects of success
  • If the claim is denied, the policyholder is contacted with an explanation
  • If the claim is accepted, DAS either resolves the claim internally or DAS forwards the claim to a panel lawyer
  • Panel lawyers negotiate on behalf of clients for their access to justice
Note: Client privacy and confidentiality applies. Information regarding the policyholder will not be disclosed.

On-Going Claims:
  • Questions during the claims process can be directed to the DAS Claims Department
  • DAS Claims Adjusters review files to ensure smooth and timely progression
  • DAS Claims Adjusters are the advocates for policyholders to ensure proper representation and eligibility of the claim
  • Legal expenses are paid up to the per occurrence amount, and when this limit is reached, DAS closes the file

2017 Legal Advice Call Volumes By Area of Law:


Providing fast, easy access to general legal advice is an essential part of a Legal Expense Insurance policy. Our toll-free, dedicated Legal Advice Helpline is available to policyholders:
  • Between 8 am – 12 am (local time)
  • 24/7 in an emergency situation

Posted: 6/5/2018 11:11:38 AM by May Chow

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