At DAS, we strive to provide our customers, brokers and partners with insightful research, tools and resources that demonstrate the importance of improving access to justice. We invite you to read or watch this impactful content, which has either been produced by DAS Canada or provided by third-parties.

We offer a suite of Legal Expense Insurance products designed to:

  • Protect you from costly legal expenses
  • Allow you to defend or pursue their legal rights
  • Give you unlimited access to legal advice
Whitepapers & Research

At DAS we believe in access to justice.

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Below is our library of DAS and third-party infographics that highlight common legal issue and / or the value of Legal Expense ...

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Sharing some food-for-thought with you about the value of Legal Expense Insurance and the insurance industry in general.

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Customer Testimonial
"[The] professionalism of DAS and high value and need for legal insurance… helps average, ordinary people access much needed affordable help to deal with a complex, stressful part of life and society today- our justice system."